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A group of breeders, owners and dog lovers, with new visions and views of the their conversations, contacts, and visiting various events throughout Europe, the environment and our country, they came up with the idea of forming a new Kennel society to be different from all so far.

Kennel club, German Shepherd Serbia, was founded in 30.11.2000 year. For all these years of his work, and knew and when established will not be easy, the Club has overcome a series of childhood illnesses, 

misunderstandings, lack of patience and vision, all that is overcome, the real breeders, dog owners and lovers with their work and all that rezultazima overcome in order to affirmation of the society and cynology. Its deal for a certain rating in the region, but was conscious that all the work of investment in future. That work has brought the results to the events organized by the KD, German Shepherd Serbia, with respect cynology story in the world, how in this country and beyond.

Kennel Club has based its work on work teams, as well as everywhere in the world, which in this period achieved remarkable results. Since its foundation so far in society are formed Club German Shepherd Serbia by it`s Owner Boban Nikalic.

Successful operation of the Company and clubs brought adequate results, so that clubs and individuals, SCIM can boast of a very small number Companies in the country.
The upešan work and these results have led to a carrier Schnauzer Club, with the help of Kennel Union of Serbia, National Schnauzer Pinscher Club Serbia, already members of the International Schnauzer Pinscher Union (discharged), there is the English Cocker Spaniel Club of Serbia is also a member of the International Union, both based in Kragujevac and in the KD, German Shepherd Serbia '. German Shepherd Dog Club is one of the founders of the National German Shepherd Dog Club Serbia.

During these years the company has organized a number of clubs manifetacija very successful. Organized three ocenske festivals, the British Review Pointer, the Republican exhibition of dogs of all breeds, six Federal - National exhibition of dogs of all breeds, four specialized exhibition of German Shepherd, six Specialized Exhibition Schnauzer and tweezers, four specialized exhibition spaniel, a specialized exhibition retriever, three specialized exhibitions Epagneul Breton, two specialized exhibition polar dogs, four specialized exhibition Rottweiler, CTP, more Kerunga, a series of international, Federal match and examinations congenital characteristics of English and continental pointer, retriever and spaniel, in the all previously held the exhibition of dogs of all races are organized and mini Specijalka the German Shepherd and Retriever.

All these events were judged the most eminent judges from the world and the principle of the country. Kennel Club "German Shepherd Serbia" and in the future will continue the successful organization their events and be a good host, and you are welcome to Kragujevac. Thus a good work, difficult and tiring, great organization events, and the results achieved results, crowned in 2010, and Pincom Schnauzer Club of Serbia, and with it the Kennel Club "German Shepherd Serbia" received the organization of the World exhibition and Schnauzer Tweezers (discharged WORLD SHOW).

Kennel Club "German Shepherd Serbia"


German Shepherd Club in Kennel societywas established in Kragujevac in 2001 at the initiative of breeders, owners and race fans of German shepherd, and was elected President Slobodan Vucelic, a longtime breeder, a very successful Cynology Exhibitor and judge for this race and I . FCI group.
Club has successfully organized four specialized exhibitions for this race, and their participation as judges Kennel took the best-known experts and breeders for this breed:

* 2002nd Helmut Buss - breeder, the leader of the German Shepherd breed German
* 2004th Georg Aichorn - breeder, the leader of Austria's German Shepherd breeding
* 2007th American Ravlić - one of the most successful breeders of German Shepherd Croatia
* 2008th Peter Firić - breeder, President of the German Shepherd Club of Serbia

These events were present and took his share in a number of breeders and exhibitors from our country and the environment.
In addition to these Specijalka club was organized a series of exams KERUNGA and IPO is one of the founders of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Serbia.

Nis Serbia, Nis, Serbia

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